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The Forum on the problem of Peace and War

The Forum on the problem of Peace and War is an independent association of scholars from different fields, mostly belonging to the University of Florence and other Italian universities. The Forum was established in 1984.

Anyone could enrol, to the extent that He/Her could contribute to the realization of the aims defined by the Statute, thanks to his/her scientific, cultural and professional qualification. Enrolment forms are available at the secretarial office.

The Forum is a scientific institution, whose goal is the production, exchange and dissemination of knowledge on issues of peace and war. To this end, it promotes research, organizes conferences and seminars among national and international experts as well as lectures. In addition, it publishes both specialist and high disclosure’s books.

The scientific skills of Forum’s participants cover a very wide range, consistently with our interdisciplinary research method.

The Forum is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) recognized by the UN and internationalist organization recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Financing and collaborations

In addition to the membership fee, the Forum receives funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the Ministry of Education , the Ministry of University and Scientific Research , by the Tuscany Region , the Province and the Municipality of Florence and other Tuscan towns . Contributions for specific initiatives are also granted by the UN.

The University of Florence has granted his patronage to a number of initiatives and has provided rooms and services.

Other contributions come from Foundations, by banks and private and public companies, also in the form of advertising in magazines.