2010/2012 – EU-GRASP: the EU as a global-regional actor in security partnerships

//2010/2012 – EU-GRASP: the EU as a global-regional actor in security partnerships

2010/2012 – EU-GRASP: the EU as a global-regional actor in security partnerships

Responsabile della ricerca: Sonia Lucarelli

onlineforum_eu-grasp_final-integrative-report_sliderGRASP wants to contribute to the analysis and reconstruction of the concept of Multilateralism, by studying the role of the EU in Multilateral Security Governance. Through this concept, GRASP will analyse the EU as a security actor in different multilateral arenas (regional, interregional, global) and their linkage to the growing multipolarity.

  • Conceptual analysis – GRASP will look at the concepts of multilateralism and security, how they are interlinked, how multilateral cooperation is developing, and how it can be harmonized with the parallel development of multipolarity and EU’s bilateral relations.
  • Case-studies – After having set up the conceptual basis, GRASP will analyse specific security issues, in order to see how cooperation is taking place. Furthermore, GRASP will analyse EU’s multilateral instruments, and how EU’s internal and external policies link in its response to each issue.
  • Transversal analysis – after mapping the existing frameworks of cooperation, GRASP will apply the findings of the security case-studies to the different cooperation frameworks, to be integrated in a final comparative approach to the different forms of multilateralism in place.
  • Foresight study – with the findings from the case-studies and transversal comparative analysis, scenarios can be built for the future roles of the EU in its external relations and commitment to “effective multilateralism”.

The research will be policy-oriented and include a strong interactive dimension, in order to assure the permanent feedback from the target-public. The work will be undertaken by a consortium of European research centres (who already have collaborated and who bring in the expertise from FP6 projects) and a number of institutes from outside of Europe who will bring in further expertise on specific security issues, plus a regional perception, to avoid a narrow Euro-centric approach and enable a better understanding of how the EU can in fact be a global actor in multilateral security governance.

Allegato: EU-GRASP final integrative report

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